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129. SuperCollider vs Processing

Introduction to the new SuperCollider and its new IDE. Quick look at some similarities and differences between SuperCollider and Processing.

Both are programming languages, boch are Free Open Source Software (FOSS), and both come with an IDE. One important difference is that in SuperCollider we often do not run programs from the first line to the last line of the source code, but we select specific lines of code, and we evaluate (execute) those lines by pressing a shortcut key.

Another important difference is that SC includes a sound server, which takes care of producing sound. When we evaluate simple operations like 1+1, which involve no sound, the sound server can be switched off. But if we are evaluating lines which are supposed to produce sound, we must turn on the sound server before they work. If we try to play sounds without booting the sound server the IDE will warn us, and no sound will come out of the speakers.

Tags: supercollider, sound, audio, creative coding

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