by Abe Pazos - 2013, 2014

What is this?

An experiment to find out how much can be done with programs that fit in a tweet (140 characters)

How do they look like?

Click the thumbnails to see still images, but note that you will miss the animation if you don't run the programs.

Why do this?

Because it's fun, addictive, difficult, and you often must break all rules of "good programming". Therefore, please don't learn programming from these tweets :)

How to run them:

  1. Install Processing 2
  2. Download p5tweets.pde
  3. Open the downloaded file in Processing 2
  4. Uncomment a pair of lines
  5. Click run

The first line in each pair of lines contains a name and an id. This is not part of the tweet. I use the id to save an image when I press the 's' key to easily share images with others.

The second line in the pair is the tweet.

Why are the tweets commented out?

Because I wanted to have them all in one file. If they were not commented out Processing would get confused with so many "void draw" found in this file.

Find more p5tweets made by others

p5tweets Processing tool for easy download of tweets

Make your own:

At the end of the pde file there is a ruler you can use to make sure you don't go past the 140 characters limit :)


To the ones who did this before (and still are doing it) with both SuperCollider and Processing.