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154. Writing Processing sketches in IntelliJ Idea

Processing comes with it's one code editor which is great while your programs fit in one file. But when your programs start to grow larger it is probably much easier to work with an IDE like Idea or Eclipse.

Those larger IDEs offer tons of features that make your work easier:
- they allow using more modern versions of Java than the PDE does
- allow to easily reuse your own code in multiple programs
- make it easy to use any java library in your project even if it's not a Processing library
- autocomplete is awesome and it works for any libraries you are using
- Idea can suggest how to improve your code
- refactoring lets you easily rename variables, methods, classes, and move them around easily

I've use Idea for years and I know it would have not been possible to develop the interactive projects I did without such a tool.

That's why in this and the next videos I show how you can use Idea with your own Processing projects.

More Processing & Idea videos: https://vimeo.com/channels/p5idea

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